iBeacon technology to understand your clients and visitors


"Smart Tour": is handy assistance app for tourists, customers and fairs visitors aimed to enrich the user experience with information and guide them through their tours.



Simply enriching customer experience in shopping, cultural events, touristic areas, with interactive handy assistant.

Use Cases

  • Museums (Cultural&Educational) 
  • Art galleries 
  • Public libraries
  • Touristic areas 
  • Malls 
  • Events: Fairs 
  • Indoor navigation

Smartur Cloud 

Central Data Management, Monitoring, Tool with Interactive feed for clients to view their location, beacons interaction, customer behavior, add their offers, menus, campaigns, faqs, news etc...  

Smartur Business Intelligence

Monitor, Understand, Interact, Engage

We provide our clients ways to monitor their clients, understand their behavior, interact with them and engage them with new offers. Through providing business intelligence tools, bridge and analytics reports to help customers make decision based on their clients needs, interactions.