We know very well the importance of understanding the product and we develop for the better future of your product.


For any business there is always new products, new product models or new employees joining the workforce. All of such cases trigger the need for training on product knowledge. Usually such training takes place in the corporate headquarter. And this training helps carrying to business to always forward.


Product knowledge is a methodology for a business to reach its goals. Organizations must be in control of what they have in their business; products, services, employees... Tracking the quality of key components regularly is what product knowledge offers to keep a company running and to make informed decisions.

An e-training system is designed and implemented to accommodate the needs of the product knowledge training. The system is accessible within the corporate internal network all over its offices. The system contains all training material and questions bank used to automatically generate periodical tests. The system is leveraged also by having competitor's' product knowledge which is useful to for answering typical comparative questions by potential buyers.


  • Sales management
  • Pharmaceutical market
  • Medical & healthcare
  • Transportation representatives
  • Industrial fields


Gamified / Branch Oriented / Easily Customizable / Detailed Reporting / Rich Question Bank / Active Feedback / Performance Tracking / Competition Among Trainees / Leaders Board / Developer Friendly